Artist Biography

Ellen, born in the Netherlands, crossed the globe in her infancy to settle in Canada’s prairies. During early childhood, she accidentally made a mark on a wall and was delighted with the discovery that these large spaces could be colored on! An artist was born.

Ellen has pursued art ever since. Moving westward, she came to Alberta. Ellen studied at ACAD and earned her BFA at the University of Calgary. She has filled the years with all manner of art activities, and now happily lives with her husband in Drumheller…still pursuing her art.

Artist Statement

 I can get lost in the details. To spend hours with a tiny brush, rendering images to ‘just so’ is an act of quiet contemplation. Slowly the image comes together, and secretly I smile—I feel like I’ve uncovered a mystery. Other times I paint with abandon, hoping that what I attempt will actually work out.

My art is a metaphor and a narrative of my life in image. The working out of an issue, however cryptic or vague, is critical to me.

Few things are more exciting than that single moment when, sometimes after months of struggle, everything on the canvas pulls together, and the solution is born.

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