Artist Biography

Jocelyn grew up in the wild places of North America, exploring and learning. Born in Roblin, Manitoba, which always was maintained as “home Base” for the family, she travelled for her dad’s work, living in Northern Manitoba, the foothills of the Rockies, and the desert of Nevada.

After university she put down her roots in Alberta. She climbed the corporate ladder in operations, marketing and e-commerce. Her young family was started in Calgary where she had her three sons. Knowing there was more to life than traffic and congestion, she returned to what she knew best…the country.

Today, along with her partner Gord, she owns and operates a sustainably focused small farm north of Drumheller. They raise cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, trout and a market garden. She lives a life where she can dedicate her resources to her passion for animals both wild and domestic.

Artist Statement