Artist Biography

Mary was born and raised in ‘Old’ Calgary where she lived a charmed life filled with a cast of family and friends that ranged from the down-home to the downright unusual. She was fortunate that creative and accomplished artists were part of her everyday life, and this contact first awakened her creative juices.

She then moved to the vast prairie of Eastern Alberta where she often participated in arts and stage organizations and was instrumental in promoting the visual arts in her community. At different times she was a teacher, a carpenter, a jail guard, a golfer, a bookkeeper, a guitarist, and a hyper volunteer…all while raising two sons and fitting in a rewarding 30 year career as a Public Library Director.

Mary returned to Calgary for a new mini career at the international airport. During this time she also had an opportunity to reconnect with the arts community which refreshed her creative perspective and enthusiasm.

Leaving the pressure and chaos of full time work behind, she is delighted to have settled in the beautiful and eerie Badlands of Drumheller with her newly retired husband.

Artist Statement

Creating has been a refuge and passion for me and played a part in most every aspect of my life. After working in different media and learning from family, learning from other artists and learning about myself, I finally have time to dedicate to my art. Working in a combination of materials, each of my pieces have 'a twist'... sometimes obvious ... sometimes harder to find. I hope each piece represents my whimsical and slightly twisted sense of humour.